Need Hena for your Wedding? You Can Visit Klang Little India

So few days before our friend’s wedding, my partner managed to get her dress from USJ 1… and 2 days before our friend’s wedding, our friend went to do her hena art drawing. She asked us to follow and we agreed. My partner wanted to get her hena art drawing too. So I just say yes. She is happy, so Im happy too right?

So we went to Little India in Klang, unfortunately the shop our friend wanted to visit was already closed. So we went wondering around hoping there would be other hena artwork shop around.

And we were lucky as we found one hena shop still open.

Hena, Hena Drawing, Bridal Service, Hena Wedding

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Jalan Jalan Cari Makan at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli Subang USJ1

So after work the other day, we went straight to Mydin USJ1 with a mission of getting my partner her dress to attend our good friends wedding this Saturday. The theme was maroon and she have been on search for dress which she likes but not found.

And luckily she found what she want today. If not, I don’t want to imagine how many days she’ll be upset because not having a beautiful dress to wear.

Mee Tarik Warisan, Food, Nice Food, Malaysian Food

So after mission completed we got hungry and she plan to eat at the food court outside but then we settled with the mee tarik. The name of Mee Tarik Warisan sounded delicious.

I remember eating it before but i forgot where was it. lol. I’m a fan of good food like the one that we went in kota Damansara which is Waneeda.

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2 Tips How to Improve The Security of Your WordPress Blog

I have started a blog long time ago using the same domain as with wordpress but after a few months, I stopped writing. From that experience, security is one of the important thing needed to be improve as I realized that my blog are getting hacked too many times, or at least there are brute force attacked to many times i don’t even know what to do that time.

But thanks to WordPress seems like it’s getting more and more secure. But as secured as it is, there are still loophole that can give hackers tools to penetrate your site.

So I’m sharing 2 tips which I’m to at least avoid hackers getting your personal login info such as user name.

1. Choose a different Displayed Name from Login user ID

We are not able to change our user name and by default, the displayed name on our post will be our user name. That is pretty easy target for hackers as they have our user name, only to figure out password. However, WordPress is giving you an option to change your displayed name on each of your blog post.

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Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan at Restoran Waneeda Tomyam

My partner went to do her hair today and to be honest, I never see women do their hair but to my surprise, she was there for 8 hours I am like, “did you go to work instead?

So since she was there for 8 hours, and I know she was starving, we went direct looking for food after she finished with her hair. So we went for Jalan-Jalan cari makan for a bit.

She choose Restoran Waneeda Tomyam and I obliged. No point arguing what to eat when they are hungry right? And plus, its better if girls decided what or where they want to eat, if not you’ll end up answering the question “where should we eat”. You know how is that going to turn out right?

The place is a bit small and crowded. The food on the other hand is quite good.
The service is fast as well. Me and my partner was surprised by the fast service rendered.
To my surprise, I think it took about 10 minutes or so for our food to be ready.

So here are some of the menu you can choose from.

Restoran Waneeda Menu, Food, Thai Food

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Part 1: What I Do In University – Learn About Plant in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park!

I was cleaning up my computer when I stumbled upon old photos which reminded me of my university years.
I was skinny back then and I don’t drive because I cant afford a car unlike other kids from rich family who drive when they go to class. That’s sad but yeah, that’s a fact, I recently got my driving license though after many years.

So what I did back then in my school year?

Yeah! I learn about plant like how to name them, divide them into Family, Group, Genus (Is that what they call it?) and so on. But I forgot them now. Haha.

There is one trip where we went to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Pulau Manukan, Manukan Island

For those who are wondering what and where this park is, it is located in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia, 3km offshore of Kota Kinabalu. It was named after Malaysia first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

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My Malaysian Driving License Journey and How I Passed It

Photo by Gabriel Hohol from Pexels

So you start your driving class but worry you will fail like the guy who says  he failed the driving test for 10 times and wonder how to pass it? This is my journey of how I passed my Malaysian driving license. Worry not, I will share my tips on how to pass the driving test with flying colors.

Before we go to the tips, lets take a look at the procedures to get a driving license in Malaysia.

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