Cryptocurrency Portfolio as of 08.11.2021

As mentioned, I got into crypto space due to Shiba Inu. And suddenly I got hooked and buy another few coins.

I summarized my small crypto holding below. If I remember correctly, I spend around $200-$250 for all this holding.


Coin Symbol Holding Cost
Shiba Inu SHIB 2.5 Million Coins $150.00
RichQuack Quack 2.8 Billion Coins $35.00
Evergreen Token EGT 690 Billion Coins $30.00
Yooshi Token Yooshi 10.6 Million Coins $30.00
Total: $245.00

I know Cryptocurrency is high risk but, high risk, high return. So just take the risk, if this all goes to Zero, I will loose my investment. However, if this works out well, we do not know what might happen. It might as well change my life.

I plan to hold these coins for as long as I can and might add more in the future. I might go into other coins as well.

I will keep updating my holding on my Crypto.

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