Investing in US Stocks Market Using Etoro for Malaysian: A Review

I bet you already heard about Etoro or at least you saw an advertisement about Etoro.

Etoro in Malaysia, Invest in US from Malaysia

If you are Malaysian and wondering if to use Etoro services to invest in US stock, you can read on. This is my experience using their service to invest in US stock.

Since I mentioned that I’m going to start investing this year, I decided that I’m going to be investing in US stocks market instead of Malaysia Stocks market. I actually have an account with Maybank for oversea investment, however I feel it’s not practical for someone who just starting to invest and have little money to start with.

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Happy Birthday! Birthday Gift Idea for Your Partner

So your partner’s birthday is around the corner but you don’t have an Idea what to give them for birthday? Try This tips below.

By the way, I just celebrated my 36 birthday 3 days ago and my partner insisted to buy me gift while I ask her many times not to buy me expensive gift. Well you know, as I wanted to save as much money as possible to be invested for retirement and emergency fund. This time, I couldn’t resist!

Meet T-Rex! My new toy, a Buggy Remote control.

RC Crawler Buggy, Birthday Gift

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How to Fund TD Ameritrade Account Using Maybank2u

As I shared before,  i’m going to start saving investing my money to grow it and the reason that I realize having emergency fund is important, investing should helps me  to grow my money.

For this, I have opened an account with TD Ameritrade but due to I’m located in Malaysia, so we are going to open account under TD Ameritrade Singapore.

By the way, just a reminder to those who are planning on opening an account with them, opening an account with TD Ameritrade include a lot of documentation and form to fill up. The account opening time also is quite long. I submit the account opening request in early march. Only In early April I receive a notification that My account has been opened and approved for trading. That was about 1 month waiting time but considering they are a big broker in the US, I can understand.

Money, Dollar
Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

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Need Hena for your Wedding? You Can Visit Klang Little India

So few days before our friend’s wedding, my partner managed to get her dress from USJ 1… and 2 days before our friend’s wedding, our friend went to do her hena art drawing. She asked us to follow and we agreed. My partner wanted to get her hena art drawing too. So I just say yes. She is happy, so Im happy too right?

So we went to Little India in Klang, unfortunately the shop our friend wanted to visit was already closed. So we went wondering around hoping there would be other hena artwork shop around.

And we were lucky as we found one hena shop still open.

Hena, Hena Drawing, Bridal Service, Hena Wedding

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Jalan Jalan Cari Makan at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli Subang USJ1

So after work the other day, we went straight to Mydin USJ1 with a mission of getting my partner her dress to attend our good friends wedding this Saturday. The theme was maroon and she have been on search for dress which she likes but not found.

And luckily she found what she want today. If not, I don’t want to imagine how many days she’ll be upset because not having a beautiful dress to wear.

Mee Tarik Warisan, Food, Nice Food, Malaysian Food

So after mission completed we got hungry and she plan to eat at the food court outside but then we settled with the mee tarik. The name of Mee Tarik Warisan sounded delicious.

I remember eating it before but i forgot where was it. lol. I’m a fan of good food like the one that we went in kota Damansara which is Waneeda.

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