Turn Unhealthy Food to Healthy Food and Saves Money

No way! Can you turn unhealthy food into healthy food? Of course not! Unless you can “Photoshop” it, remove the oil and put more vegetables and print in into your plate, right?

Actually I don’t know whether it’s healthy or not, but that’s my style of eating. If I can see there are a lot of vegetables on it, I will consider it as healthy. And it saves money! lol

Healthy Food, Mi sedap

I tried it on my instant noodles and I think it’s quite healthy. Forgot to take a picture of it, I might consider to buy a camera later so I can flood this blog with photos. My phone camera sucks.

Bought some lettuce on the other day and some instant noodles;

The mi sedap is one of my favourite actually. It just that too many works need to be done before enjoying my food.

So I shred the lettuce, put it in a bowl while waiting for my instant noodles to be ready. When everything is ready, mix the boiled noodles and the raw lettuce and put in the seasoning. Just mixed it up together and that’s it. The taste is not bad.

I actually like to try new things on food. If you have some bread, slice it into small pieces and mix it up together. Taste good for me.

Cost for the food? Quite cheap. Got the noodles for RM5.7 for 8 packs, the lettuce for RM5  for 2. So I use 1 pack of the noodles and 1 for the lettuce. It cost me around RM3.22. if you go to mamak shop and ask for Fried Maggi, it will cost you around RM4.50 for this dish but you can prepare it with a RM1.28 saving. Not cool? At least it saves some money and you are on the right track to the greatness!

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