Starting My RM1000 Goal: First step to financial freedom

Yeah! I’m setting out a goal called 1000 Ringgit Goal.


This idea comes from watching Sugar Mamma youtube channel on how she set her $1000 goal and invest it to earn more passive income.

My goal is to accumulate 1000 Ringgit and when I reach that goal, the money I saved will be invested either in stocks or in my ASB unit trust. I have opened my Maybank trading account and also activated the global trading account. With this account, I will be able to access Singapore, the U.S, and a few other stocks market.

I’m aiming to trade stocks in Singapore and U.S market due to the currency exchange benefit. Aiming to buy dividend stocks and hold for long term investment. The transaction fee is a bit high i my opinion. There are other options for brokers outside of Malaysia, but I prefer something local and I can trust them with my hard earn money.

I believe this project can discipline myself to save more despite my earning is below average.

the journey start now!

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