RM1000 Goal: My Second RM1000

Since I started with the RM1000 goal a few months ago, this is my second RM1000 Yeah!

I have accumulated RM2000 in the process. It’s been a bit slow because I don’t have any other source of income. The bulk of my income come from my day job and I don’t have any other part time job or online business.

It feels good looking at your account when the number is growing 🙂

For this achievement, I will put it into my Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) Account. Hoping this year the economy will recover and ASB can make more money and can distribute more dividend to shareholder.

In my first RM1000 post, I was actually looking to invest my second RM1000 in US stocks, but I don’t feel good doing it now so I’ll just keep it in my ASB account at the moment. It feels more secure for the money sitting there. 🙂

Looking for an online business opportunity to have more source of income. Anybody who has an idea or experience doing it maybe can share it here or maybe you wanted to do it together, please contact me, email in contact page.

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