RM1000 Goal: First RM1000

So this month is the first month I manage to accumulate RM1000. I was trying to find other source of income to add into my RM1000 goal but unable to find one. So the only source of money is from my monthly salary.

On my first RM1000, I decided to split it into 2. The first half will be invested in shares while the other half will be kept in an account for investment purpose but not going to put it into work. this is to provide me a liquidity of fund if I’m out of fund for the remaining month before the next salary.

You might see it as a wrong move but I see it as emergency move since all my money is either as shares or I put it in ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) and it needs time to get it if I’m in need of emergency fund.

It feels exciting to know you have RM1000 in hand. I think it is a good step to set a short term goal to achieve a long term goal.

Cant wait for my next RM1000. I’m Planning for the Next RM1000 to be invested in US company share. I’ve had trading account set up for this purpose.

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