How to Pay off PTPTN Loan Using EPF

Are on the run from PTPTN because you failed to pay off according to the schedule or you don’t have cash to pay off your unpaid PTPTN loan? Then you might want to pay them off by using your money in EPF aka KWSP.

Some of us might have been blacklisted because defaulting in PTPTN repayment. If you’ve been working for some time, don’t worry, go check your EPF money ho much you have there and apply to pay off your PTPTN loan. I did it twice and it’s super easy but before that, we must activate our i-account.

How to activate i-account?

This is how I activate my account. I can’t really remember how I do it, but this is a rough idea.

  1. Visit EPF kiosk, answer few personal question and after that, they will send an activation code to your phone.
  1. Go to EPF activation page on the link below,

  1. After account activation, go to login page on the link below,

How to Apply for PTPTN Loan Payment?

After all the activation process, now it’s time to apply fo the withdrawal. After login, just simply go to withdrawal and click on the “new application” on the right.

For PTPTN payment, we can use all the amount left in account number 2. I did withdraw all the money in my account number 2 to pay for my PTPTN.

After the process finished just wait for an SMS sent from PTPTN to ask you to go to PTPTN counter for fingerprint verification.

The SMS should be sent within a few days. I receive mine roughly after 3 days of submitting my application.

When SMS received, go to PTPTN counter, bring Your original identity card and your transcript and also a copy of both.

Once fingerprint verification is done, just wait for a few days, roughly after 1 week and give a call to PTPTN to check whether payment has been made. I’ve done twice withdrawal for PTPTN and both EPF officer told me I will receive SMS notification but I never did. So the best way is to directly check with PTPTN.

So guys if you have not paid you PTPTN, just use this simple method to pay your LOAN.

BTW, It’s our responsible to payback after we borrow the money right? 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to Pay off PTPTN Loan Using EPF

  1. Sasa

    hai. I am sasa. We have the same goal. yet 2016 was a difficult year for me. just like you, find it hard to save. but now i have set my goal to save rm1000 , i cut expenses, cook my own meal, less entertaiment that cost money. I saved rm1000 as my first seed , i put it into fd, locked for six months, juat to dicipline myself not to use the monwy for money. actually, I am.still looking into ways how to trade wisely im stock market.

    however. i am glad to read ur blog.
    let’s be friend!

    1. Larry David Post author

      Hi Sasa, thank you for ready my blog. glad to hear someone have the same target as i’m. I do the same, tried to cut expenses where i can cut. have been struggling financially for past few years so thats why i wanted to take control of my finance. I do buy stock but hold it for long term. yeah lets be friend, drop me an email if you want to talk.


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