My Financial Goal for 2017

We’ve been riding the 2017 wave for a few weeks now. I think it’s time to rethink what we wanted to achieve for 2017. Anything.

For me, it will always be financial. It feels like crap when we have nothing to spend and have an empty bank account.  Loser. So that’s why saving is my primary goal.

I want to accumulate enough to start my own business. Yeah I know, I can get a loan from banks but for me, Loan is like a double edge sword. I don’t like it. Just want to do what I like and after that retire without fear of not having enough money.

With my job now and hoping for some increment for this year, hoping I can save 30% of my take home salary. But I will need to also look into what might happen in the future, the unexpected. Most of my saving will go into ASB unit trust. For 2016, their dividend is around 6.75%. It’s decreasing and that’s not good but looking into the economic condition of the worlds for the past 3 years, that I can accept.

Apart from that, as I mention in my previous post, I will try to trade in kLSE and I’m looking to enter NYSE as well.

I did enter into Oil and gas counter related company, KNM which stock price looks very interesting but it seems like these counters unable to ride the Oil price wave.

Another stock I bought is Hovid the pharmaceutical company. I always believe a pharmaceutical company will have good future but this stock also seems dead now and after the manufacturing licenses revoke, I made some loss but still holding tight to it.

I can say there is little changes from 2016 to 2017. I’m not a big on spending especially those that I don’t really need. The bulk of my money goes into my tummy, my family, bills and that’s all.

No shopping, no fancy restaurant or movies.

If I look into my spending, there is no room to cut on spending. Only on those junk food I always buy on weekend. Probably I need to cut those and start to do exercise to be in better shape for 2017.

so what about you? what is your goal for 2017?


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  1. Affinity

    Thanks much for the mention Andrea! Budgeting takes time and effort, but that’s the smartest thing one can do regarding their finances. Know where the money goes and find means to cut baocM.cneykone recently posted…


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