How Long Malaysian Can Live

Everybody wants to live longer. Surely nobody wants to live short. But everything has an “expiry date”.

According to data I sourced online,  Malaysian expected to live until 72-76 years.





Looking the data plotted on graph below by, the number is increasing from year 1960-2014.  this of course due to the enhancement on the modern health care facility and technology.



Interestingly below are top 5  caused of death to Malaysian according to according to data in 2014, I’m interested on the top 2.

  1. Coronary heart disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Influenza and Pneumonia
  4. Road traffic
  5. Lung disease

Interestingly, top caused of death is by coronary heart disease and followed by stroke.

What is Coronary heart disease?

According to National heart, lung and Blood Institute U.S, it is a build of of a what they call plaque, made of many blood substance such as fat, cholesterol, calcium and  many more.

Over time, it build up on our blood vessel walls. It will narrow the blood vessel and causing the blood flow to heart reduced. If its blocked, heart attack or stoke can occur. How interesting top 2 caused of death to Malaysian is interrelated.

What causing Coronary disease?

Smoking habits, high levels of fats, cholesterols and sugar  in blood.

How to Prevent?

So as we know what causing them, it’s a good idea to change our life style. Have enough rest, have enough exercise. 30 minutes walking a day would enough. Quit smoking also is a good idea. Not only it can lead a healthy life, we can also save our money.

Reduce the sugar intake and reduce oily food and avoid consuming too much fast food.

People say, prevention is better than cure. It will hurt us financially if we do not take care our health.It is cheap to live a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of having health problem than searching for the cure of our health problem.



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