I Failed Miserably

I was trying to save money and Invest the money I save but I failed miserably. The aim to Save at MYR1000 at least 2-3 Months did not happen.

I guess I don’t have the discipline to do it and always like to go for an easy life; i.e eating out instead of cooking. Most of my money goes into food.

That is difficult for me. I was thinking to be able to retire early but I guess that would be difficult. Now 32 years old, I think I would not be able to achieve it; Financial independence.
My monthly commitment is around MYR1500 and I’m only paid around MYR2.3K a month. Including some allowance and overtime, it can go up to MYR2.6K-2.7K a month. And I have balance around MYR1.1K. Should be sufficient no?

I do think the same as well. But most of my money will go into food. I rarely shops around or go out. But I like to eat. And because of my work nature which I consider stressful, I eat a lot. That’s why most my money will go into food.I spent a lot for my food.

But if I think back during my student years, I was wondering how I can survive with my student loan, which is around MYR3.5K per semester. But I think during that time, I don’t have much financial commitment. Only need to think about rent, phone bill and food.
Recently I was thinking to buy car, but I think I need to reconsider this as well. If adding more financial commitment, I’m afraid I will not be able to meet the monthly commitment. That is the reason I still don’t have car now.

It seems like I need to dissect my monthly spending again to see where I’m having problem or need improvement.

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