How I survive With Only RM1200 A Month

Long ago before I manage to secure a job with higher salary I was actually doing some part time job which pays me RM6 per hour. I was working for 8 hour per day, 6 days a week including public holidays.

With that salary scheme, there will be a fluctuation of payment I will be receiving a month. Normally I will be able to pocket around RM1200 a month. But then again, there is deduction of Employment saving. So roughly, I will be receiving around RM1000 a month after all the deduction.

Many people would say,

“oh that’s not enough! I need more, need to pay this and that”

But actually how how much is “enough?” and what actually do they mean with “enough”?

If you have too much liabilities, of course that amount would not enough. Cars, phone bills, rental, utilitiy bills, food and the list goes on. If we don’t manage that, any amount would not enough.

How did I manage to live with that?

It all comes down to budgeting and lifestyle. Without budgeting, I would not be able to survive for a month. Besides that, liabilities also must be minimize as much as possible.

Eating at fancy restaurant? Nope!

Car? Nope!

Cable TV? Nope!

Shopping? Nope!

Movies? Nope!

Fancy mobile phones? Nope!

Let me tell you something, I’m still using my old Nokia 3310 mobile phone for calls and text. I try to minimize spending as much as I can. I cooked and that pretty much helps in reducing the expenses.

What I do with them money I get was,

  1. Rental
  2. Food
  3. Saving
  4. Bills
  5. Prepaid phone top up

That’s it. Chart below explains roughly how much my expenses every month. I tried to limit my food expenses by RM10/day, and to achieve this, cooking is a must. Also prepare some money in case there are urgent needs of money.

I also managed to get that rental rate because I’m renting a house with my friends.  Rental rate nowadays is killing, especially if you are staying in a prime area. So in this case, try as much as possible to looks for a cheaper rental rate.

The chart above just an estimation. Sometimes the numbers can be lower than that, depending on the payment I receive. If the number are lower, than I need to scale down.

I’m still actually live in this way, but numbers are a bit higher and there is this study loan I need to settle.

So guys out there are you enjoying your life to the max and left with nothing at the end of the month or saving is the first thing to do every month?


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