How I save Money in 2016 and What is My Saving Plan in 2017

2016 was a pain in the ass for my financial. I was unable to save much and not having enough discipline to save and track my expenses. Though I feel like living an average, still not saving enough and reach my financial freedom goal.

I was only able to save 10% of my total earning in 2016. But I personally think it’s a good start. There are few things that I do to help save up money and below are those things that I do in 2016 to help me save up.

My Saving Tips From 2016

Cook my food at home
I cook most of the time. I might not be good at cooking but I still manage to survive and I like to make it simple. Some of the time I’ll just choose to eat instant noodles. It’s easy to prepare and cheap. But most of the food I consume in 2016 is processed and canned food which I think is not healthy. For 2017 I am aiming to consume less processed food and choose fresh food instead but will still choose to cook instead of eating out.

Daily budget plan

I always have a daily budget plan and try hard not to use up all the budget. The balance I will bring forward. After accumulating all the balance for the whole week, I can get a nice weekend meal or I can buy more food for next week.

Bargain hunt

I always hunt for sales especially when it comes to clothing. I remember in 2016 I only purchase clothes and pants twice; during Chinese New Year sales and Hari Raya Puasa sales. Clothes and shoes can be used for few years if we take good care of it, so I don’t need to make frequents purchase on these items. My last shoe purchase was in 2015.

Prioritize on saving first

I always prioritize on saving first after every salary. I don’t have any other source of income and my job is the only source of income. So I must save more from my income. Every time I receive my salary on payday, I will transfer some money to my saving account.

Control of entertainment

My friend always says to me that “I don’t have life” because I like to stay at home but that just me. I also able to save up because I stayed at home most of the time. My entertainment will be mostly online. I also sometimes decline to join my friend for outing or movies because I think it’s just a waste of money. I will only go out for movies once a while and if those movies are those I was waiting for.

My Saving Plan for 2017

Those are things I do in 2016 to save money. In 2017 there are not much different what I’ll be doing. I’ll be more strict to my spending and to be discipline to track most of my spending so I now where my money goes.

I was planning to save up to 30% for 2017 despite so many financial obligation and hoping to find some other source of income. But those are just a plan. I hope these plan will go well.

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