To be Honest, I Tried but Failed

If you have read my last that I failed Miserably, then you know what I tried to say here.

If you read my posts, I was actually trying to save money. Targeting every MYR1000 I saved, I dump it in my saving/investment account. But that did not happen.

if you read it here that I have set up a goal to save MYR1000 and save it, that was in November 2016. I was able to save a few thousand MYR last year and in a few month (I think its around 8 months) I saved at least around MYR5000. But due to the needs to clear my outstanding for my PTPTN Loan, I withdrew most of it.

I also withdrew my saving to purchase power supply for my PC. That cost me around MYR800. Not cheap and now I regret buying. The reason is, the power load is too big but my power needs is just small. Not worth it, and i think this is one of my worst spending in 2017.

What happen with My saving Goal?

Until last Jun, I feel like I was on track until when I withdraw the money to pay my PTPTN outstanding loan, and somehow i was attracted to forex trading because of my friends. They made quite some money with forex trading and I was interested to join but I burnt account after account I started. That’s just hurts me but that’s the reality. I dont want to stop, but I don’t want to continue either. The money I put in all were burnt out.

I also don’t save much these few months. I just not in mood to do all the saving. Am I doomed to fail and live poor?

I read the saying that’

Its not your fault you were born poor but it’s your fault if you die poor

This makes me shit in my pants. That’s true. But there are another says that

If you cannot find a way to make money while you sleep, you are going to work for the rest of your life – Warren Buffett.

This also can be true. I was always thinking how to make money. But its also true that we need money to make money. I don’t have enough to start making money, so his come the problem.

People who are born in a wealthy family at least are lucky, they have money to play with. People who are born poor will not have the money to play with. I believe a lot of people who have great business idea but they just don’t have the resources to start.

Future Goal

Im still aiming to retire with financial independence and if can, retire early. but now i was wondering how am I going to reach that.

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