Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 3Days 2Night Trip to Melaka: Not a Budget Trip

Since the Economy is not that good and the Ringgit is depreciating against other currency, it’s a good idea to support the local economy. So it’s time for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia visit to Malacca!

I was hoping it to be a budget trip, however it does not happen as I wish. I did not have the full list of the expenditure but it is roughly around RM350 to RM400 including hotel accommodation. And I’m not alone, I went there with another 3 friends.

We stayed in Hallmark Crown Hotel and paid RM357 for 3days and 2 night. The charges translate into RM90 per person. I’m not sure what you guys think, but I think it’s quite cheap and I also think it’s not in peak season.

The room can accommodate the 4 of us and is quite comfortable. I can’t complaint anything because everything is working except need to wait for some time for the air conditioner to cool off the room. It’s not that good but overall, it’s ok. I definitely will stay in Hallmark Crown Hotel if I visit malacca again.

My friend posing in front of the Malacca gate

As for food, I do not have how much we spent on food but overall I think it roughly around RM180++ for 4 people. I think when we go visit Malacca, we have to try 3 food. Chicken rice ball, Asam Pedas and Klebang original Coconut shake.

  1. Malacca Chicken Rice Ball



Our first day, we went to Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. My friend suggested this place since it is famous and the Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV 3 went there before. They serve other food but we choose Chicken rice ball. My Comment? Just normal, nothing special.the taste is average.

Price wise? Not a recommended place. I think the price is above average. I think it’s due to the tourist vibe that makes them offer those price.

We order 40 balls of rice ball, ½ Roasted chicken, veggie and egg omelet and paid RM96. I think we can get a better price in other places.

In case you are interested;

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Melaka

275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3,

Taman Melaka Raya,

75000 Melaka.

2. Asam Pedas

My friend say when you visit a new place, a must try is their food. I think Melaka is famous for its Asam Pedas. But I wonder because for me if those thing can be found in other places, it’s not special. And maybe, just maybe my taste bud is having some problem.

We went to this Claypot Asam pedas restoran kota laksamana. I choose Tenggiri Asam Pedas and it served with white rice and salted egg. The taste of it is the same with the one I eat in shah Alam, only different is it served with salted egg. This open from 6.00pm until 4am. Another Asam Pedas restaurant which I think is popular too located just opposite with this restaurant, which called Asam Pedas Pokok Besar.

3. Klebang Coconut shake

This also one of the must try when you visit Melaka. I can say this is something new, I never had this anywhere besides Melaka.

For this Coconut shake, you have 2 options, either taking the original or special. We tried both and I think I like the original taste more compare to the special. From the taste of it, it is blended with coconut and vanilla ice cream. If you take the special, they will put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it and the taste of coconut is gone. The price is an average. RM2.40 for takeaway and RM1.90 if drink onsite for the original. RM2.70 for takeaway and RM2.40 for onsite drinking for the original.

Self-service style where they also sell traditional cookies and some fried mee and nasi lemak.


4. The Historical place.

Malacca is famous for its historical place. It’s a must visit place if you happen to go here.

I always read those historic stories from textbook or being told during class in my high school days. This time, I’m standing on the land where those war between Portuguese, the Dutch, the Brit and the Ruler of Malacca really happen and the A Famosa Wall standing there as a proof.

You can also go visit the St Paul Church located at the hill beside the A Famosa wall. St Paul Church is full with Dutch grave.

I have this weird feeling when I visited the St Paul Church. I was also wondering how was their life during those time.

Historian doing the inspection on the A Famosa ruin


3 historian inside the ruin of St Paul

We also visited the Stadthuys Museum just next to the St Paul church wich with Red Colored building. The history of Malacca is all there. I toured the whole museum within 1hour. Interestingly my friend toured the place for more than 2 hours. If you really love history, I bet you can stay inside the museum for at least half a day. lol

We also went to Jonker street at night but seems like nothing of interesting in Jonker street. Only those building are of those built during the Portuguese or Brit colonization.

All in all, it was an exciting trip. A few more place we visit but maybe it’s for another post.

I think total expenses will be around RM350 to RM400 per person.  With good accommodation and good food, I think the number is still OK but still can be improved. We did not draft any budget so we spend as we like. Not a good plan financially, but sometimes it’s ok to spend a bit more. Lol.

I was thinking to arrange another trip for me alone to visit this place again next time. 🙂

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