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RM1000 Goal: My Second RM1000

Since I started with the RM1000 goal a few months ago, this is my second RM1000 Yeah! I have accumulated RM2000 in the process. It’s been a bit slow because I don’t have any other source of income. The bulk of my income come from my day job and I don’t have any other part time job […]

RM1000 Goal: First RM1000

So this month is the first month I manage to accumulate RM1000. I was trying to find other source of income to add into my RM1000 goal but unable to find one. So the only source of money is from my monthly salary. On my first RM1000, I decided to split it into 2. The […]

Starting My RM1000 Goal: First step to financial freedom

Yeah! I’m setting out a goal called 1000 Ringgit Goal. This idea comes from watching Sugar Mamma youtube channel on how she set her $1000 goal and invest it to earn more passive income. My goal is to accumulate 1000 Ringgit and when I reach that goal, the money I saved will be invested either in stocks […]