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Save Money, Cut Down the Monthly Internet and Mobile Bills

Recently P1 Company was taken over By Telekom Malaysia and it was changed to Webe. Due to this reason, my P1 Wimax plan in my area no longer available. Due to this, P1 customer service suggested terminating my account without any penalty since its still within contract period of 24months. I thought that’s a very […]

How to Pay off PTPTN Loan Using EPF

Are on the run from PTPTN because you failed to pay off according to the schedule or you don’t have cash to pay off your unpaid PTPTN loan? Then you might want to pay them off by using your money in EPF aka KWSP. Some of us might have been blacklisted because defaulting in PTPTN […]

How I save Money in 2016 and What is My Saving Plan in 2017

2016 was a pain in the ass for my financial. I was unable to save much and not having enough discipline to save and track my expenses. Though I feel like living an average, still not saving enough and reach my financial freedom goal. I was only able to save 10% of my total earning […]

It’s Payday! What I usually do with my money on Payday

Yeay it’s payday! Yeah I know right, we are waiting for payday. Craving for the seafood, or the new restaurant you’ve just found about and payday is just the right time to spend the money. People lining at ATM and smiling. Yeay the feeling is just right. We also can see people visiting their favorite […]

Why I’m Financially Afraid for the Future

I’m actually afraid financially for the future. And you might be wondering why? I have my reason and you should too, if you don’t have enough saving in your bank account. And I mean enough means you have at least 6 digit saved in your bank account. Everything happen in the future, will happen then. […]

How I survive With Only RM1200 A Month

Long ago before I manage to secure a job with higher salary I was actually doing some part time job which pays me RM6 per hour. I was working for 8 hour per day, 6 days a week including public holidays. With that salary scheme, there will be a fluctuation of payment I will be […]

Emotion Without proper Control will Dig Deep Into Our Pocket

There are times we becomes really piss off and it feels like we wanted to breaks all stuff right next to us. That is the reason we need to learn how to control our anger or emotion. If not, it might cause us our money. speaking of experience, i just cracked my phone touch screen, […]

Turn Unhealthy Food to Healthy Food and Saves Money

No way! Can you turn unhealthy food into healthy food? Of course not! Unless you can “Photoshop” it, remove the oil and put more vegetables and print in into your plate, right? Actually I don’t know whether it’s healthy or not, but that’s my style of eating. If I can see there are a lot […]

What We Should do Financially Before Getting Married

Before we plan to get married or even to get a partner, we should look into its effect to our financial situation and our goals in that relationship. Nowadays, getting married needs quite a large amount of money. I have a friend who engaged with his girlfriend last month. The girl’s family asked for RM15K […]

1 Easy Way to Become Millionaire

Believe it or not, there will always be an easy way to achieve something. So if you wanted to become millionaire real quick and easy; I mean in 1 or 2 days you might want to consider this method. Its jackpot! Consider buying a jackpot and there is a chance you might become millionaire when […]