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My Financial Goal for 2017

We’ve been riding the 2017 wave for a few weeks now. I think it’s time to rethink what we wanted to achieve for 2017. Anything. For me, it will always be financial. It feels like crap when we have nothing to spend and have an empty bank account.  Loser. So that’s why saving is my primary […]

2016 Reflection: My Job, Financial And Life

Yesterday was 2016 and today is 2017. Goodbye 2016. I guess the first day of 2017 is the day of reflection of what has happen yesterday and what we achieve. Looking back, there are so many things need to be done. My Job As i recall, in 2016 i change job once. I was actually […]

How Long Malaysian Can Live

Everybody wants to live longer. Surely nobody wants to live short. But everything has an “expiry date”. According to data I sourced online,  Malaysian expected to live until 72-76 years. Source: Source: Looking the data plotted on graph below by, the number is increasing from year 1960-2014.  this of course due to the enhancement […]

Now We Can Buy Nissan Car on Twitter

Picture from Everything seems to move towards digital worlds. The marketplace and service provided by Tech Company, nowadays everything is connected from every corner of the worlds. It was interesting to read that when we are busy using our twitter to tweet and reading tweets, a man in Spain uses nothing but his twitter to close a […]