Any Health Problem for Those who Are in their 30’s?: A Plan for Myself

I was actually wondering whether any drastic changes to us especially with our health when we are in our 30’s.

I’m going to actually be in my 32 in a few months and I feel there are changes how I feel my body. Actually been feeling this way since years back but now I wonder whether I’m gonna be back to the way I was physically 10 years ago.

I read somewhere on the net that actually 30’s is the peak and things start to decline. the body takes more pound, stamina drops and more.

In my golden days, I can stay the whole night without sleep and still active the following day. But now, an hour late of going to bed will cause the next day feels like crap.

I feel like having less energy and always feels tired. I was wondering I might be having some serious health problem which I never discover yet. But I’m reluctant to go see doctors and get some test because I don’t know what is going on with my body.

I also always have this backache especially I have less or went to bed late and it’s really bothering me.

You can actually read here of some of the tips to stay healthy in your 30’s. Not sure whether these tips only for women or men but I think the basic should be the same.

My Plan?

Drink More water

I’m planning to drink more water but well, discipline is the key.

Consume More Vegetables and fruits

Need to consume more greens these days, but again discipline is the key.

Need more exercise

I was always into fitness. There are times where I will go for jogging almost every day but those days are over. I feel I have less energy to spend these days.

Less sugar, salt, and cholesterol

Discipline is the key. I can’t stop myself from consuming sweet food and soft drinks. It’s like I need consume soft drinks every day and that’s terrible. I know I should stop but I can’t. It’s like an addiction.

I need fresh food not processed food

For 2017, I’m aiming to consume more fresh food rather than processed canned food. But again with my saving goal, this might be a bit of a situation. Processed canned food are cheaper and easy to prepare while fresh food takes more time to prepare and sometimes cost is higher. fresh food also can’t be stored as long as processed food. But for the sake of health, will definitely work for this.

Reduce stress

This would be a bit tricky. I’m working in service which means I will need to face a lot of problems and this can contribute to stress and it’s not good for health. Maybe in a few years from now, need to change job.

Need to shed some weight

Do you know where I got the idea of my blog? Actually, I was too skinny back in those days. And because of that, I always wanted to gain some weight. But now, I can see my tummy seems to be very healthy and I don’t some of them. But again, discipline is the key. lol.

So far, this is My plan. Whether or not it’s working, I’ll be reviewing my health condition at the end of 2017 whether any positive progress on my. Or else I might go see doctors in mid 2017.

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