Monthly Archives: March 2017

RM1000 Goal: My Second RM1000

Since I started with the RM1000 goal a few months ago, this is my second RM1000 Yeah! I have accumulated RM2000 in the process. It’s been a bit slow because I don’t have any other source of income. The bulk of my income come from my day job and I don’t have any other part time job […]

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 3Days 2Night Trip to Melaka: Not a Budget Trip

Since the Economy is not that good and the Ringgit is depreciating against other currency, it’s a good idea to support the local economy. So it’s time for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia visit to Malacca! I was hoping it to be a budget trip, however it does not happen as I wish. I did not have the […]