Monthly Archives: January 2017

My Financial Goal for 2017

We’ve been riding the 2017 wave for a few weeks now. I think it’s time to rethink what we wanted to achieve for 2017. Anything. For me, it will always be financial. It feels like crap when we have nothing to spend and have an empty bank account.  Loser. So that’s why saving is my primary […]

2016 Reflection: My Job, Financial And Life

Yesterday was 2016 and today is 2017. Goodbye 2016. I guess the first day of 2017 is the day of reflection of what has happen yesterday and what we achieve. Looking back, there are so many things need to be done. My Job As i recall, in 2016 i change job once. I was actually […]

RM1000 Goal: First RM1000

So this month is the first month I manage to accumulate RM1000. I was trying to find other source of income to add into my RM1000 goal but unable to find one. So the only source of money is from my monthly salary. On my first RM1000, I decided to split it into 2. The […]