Monthly Archives: November 2016

It’s Payday! What I usually do with my money on Payday

Yeay it’s payday! Yeah I know right, we are waiting for payday. Craving for the seafood, or the new restaurant you’ve just found about and payday is just the right time to spend the money. People lining at ATM and smiling. Yeay the feeling is just right. We also can see people visiting their favorite […]

Starting My RM1000 Goal: First step to financial freedom

Yeah! I’m setting out a goal called 1000 Ringgit Goal. This idea comes from watching Sugar Mamma youtube channel on how she set her $1000 goal and invest it to earn more passive income. My goal is to accumulate 1000 Ringgit and when I reach that goal, the money I saved will be invested either in stocks […]

Why I’m Financially Afraid for the Future

I’m actually afraid financially for the future. And you might be wondering why? I have my reason and you should too, if you don’t have enough saving in your bank account. And I mean enough means you have at least 6 digit saved in your bank account. Everything happen in the future, will happen then. […]

How Long Malaysian Can Live

Everybody wants to live longer. Surely nobody wants to live short. But everything has an “expiry date”. According to data I sourced online,  Malaysian expected to live until 72-76 years. Source: Source: Looking the data plotted on graph below by, the number is increasing from year 1960-2014.  this of course due to the enhancement […]

How I survive With Only RM1200 A Month

Long ago before I manage to secure a job with higher salary I was actually doing some part time job which pays me RM6 per hour. I was working for 8 hour per day, 6 days a week including public holidays. With that salary scheme, there will be a fluctuation of payment I will be […]