Monthly Archives: July 2016

Turn Unhealthy Food to Healthy Food and Saves Money

No way! Can you turn unhealthy food into healthy food? Of course not! Unless you can “Photoshop” it, remove the oil and put more vegetables and print in into your plate, right? Actually I don’t know whether it’s healthy or not, but that’s my style of eating. If I can see there are a lot […]

Now We Can Buy Nissan Car on Twitter

Picture from Everything seems to move towards digital worlds. The marketplace and service provided by Tech Company, nowadays everything is connected from every corner of the worlds. It was interesting to read that when we are busy using our twitter to tweet and reading tweets, a man in Spain uses nothing but his twitter to close a […]

You Know What Actually Happen When We Fall in Love?

Have you ever wonder what actually happen to us, I mean to our body when we fall in love? How it was suddenly the feeling is there? The butterflies in your stomach, the racing heartbeat; you probably remember those feeling right? But how come it’s suddenly appeared? According to Pat Mumby, PhD, co-director of the […]