2016 Reflection: My Job, Financial And Life

Yesterday was 2016 and today is 2017. Goodbye 2016.

goodbye 2016

I guess the first day of 2017 is the day of reflection of what has happen yesterday and what we achieve. Looking back, there are so many things need to be done.

My Job

As i recall, in 2016 i change job once. I was actually looking for a stable job. I meant permanent position. I was actually in a temporary position even it pay quite good, better than my current position I was not happy with it. I was working on shift and I feel I lost control of my life. So I wanted something better, something fix. Thats why I change to something else, even its in the same field.

Most of our wealth comes from our job, if we don’t have any other source of income. And its good to actually be happy at work. It will affect our whole life if we are not happy with our job. Only if we don’t have other choice, please job our job. To be honest, I’m not quite happy with my current job. But as of now, I have to face it. Of course I have plan for the future.


I still remember the start of 2016, I was hoping for a better financial position. But I was only really look into my personal finance later in Jun/July. So financially, I feel vulnerable.

I started putting my monies into my investment vehicle which is ASB (Amanah Saham bumiputere). This is just a start. I personally think ASB is just an easy way of investing.Their return per year would roughly 6-7% and thats quite interesting. I also looks into investing into stocks and I will use ASB return as my benchmark of my future portfolio. As I also mention in my post about my first RM1000 here, I’m looking to invest in US stock as well in 2017. Hoping for a better financial position in 2017.


Life also has it ups and down. But for me, the whole 2016 was just the same. No drama’s, no nothing. Just flat. Just that it’s not feel right. I don’t feel right. I feel like something need to be done but I don’t know what is it. I’m still figuring out but I’m very sure something big is coming. Something really big.

There is no change for 2016. No big changes.

I’m really hoping 2017 will bring its magic on me. I don’t really believe in magic or Santa clause but I believe if we done something right, it will produce good result. I’m really excited to face 2017!

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