To be Honest, I Tried but Failed

If you have read my last that I failed Miserably, then you know what I tried to say here. If you read my posts, I was actually trying to save money. Targeting every MYR1000 I saved, I dump it in my saving/investment account. But that did not happen. if you read it here that I have […]

I Failed Miserably

I was trying to save money and Invest the money I save but I failed miserably. The aim to Save at MYR1000 at least 2-3 Months did not happen. I guess I don’t have the discipline to do it and always like to go for an easy life; i.e eating out instead of cooking. Most […]

Save Money, Cut Down the Monthly Internet and Mobile Bills

Recently P1 Company was taken over By Telekom Malaysia and it was changed to Webe. Due to this reason, my P1 Wimax plan in my area no longer available. Due to this, P1 customer service suggested terminating my account without any penalty since its still within contract period of 24months. I thought that’s a very […]

RM1000 Goal: My Second RM1000

Since I started with the RM1000 goal a few months ago, this is my second RM1000 Yeah! I have accumulated RM2000 in the process. It’s been a bit slow because I don’t have any other source of income. The bulk of my income come from my day job and I don’t have any other part time job […]

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 3Days 2Night Trip to Melaka: Not a Budget Trip

Since the Economy is not that good and the Ringgit is depreciating against other currency, it’s a good idea to support the local economy. So it’s time for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia visit to Malacca! I was hoping it to be a budget trip, however it does not happen as I wish. I did not have the […]

How to Open Trading Account to Trade Shares in Bursa Malaysia

So you were thinking to trade share in Bursa Malaysia but don’t really know how to start? Don’t worry,  been there, done that. So I’ll be sharing on how I open my share trading account with Maybank. In 2014, when I read the famous book, Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and the book […]

How to Pay off PTPTN Loan Using EPF

Are on the run from PTPTN because you failed to pay off according to the schedule or you don’t have cash to pay off your unpaid PTPTN loan? Then you might want to pay them off by using your money in EPF aka KWSP. Some of us might have been blacklisted because defaulting in PTPTN […]

How I save Money in 2016 and What is My Saving Plan in 2017

2016 was a pain in the ass for my financial. I was unable to save much and not having enough discipline to save and track my expenses. Though I feel like living an average, still not saving enough and reach my financial freedom goal. I was only able to save 10% of my total earning […]

My Financial Goal for 2017

We’ve been riding the 2017 wave for a few weeks now. I think it’s time to rethink what we wanted to achieve for 2017. Anything. For me, it will always be financial. It feels like crap when we have nothing to spend and have an empty bank account.  Loser. So that’s why saving is my primary […]